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PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update released: RageGear mode, Snow Paradise and other features

Hello Friends, today we are talking about the latest update for PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is the biggest battle royal game for android smartphones. About 200M+ people have downloaded this game on play store you can download the game by following my instruction on my other post.

one more month, one more update for PUBG Mobile. This time, the game brings a large group of new highlights and interactivity modes to keep you engaged for the up and coming festive season. The update, titled rendition 0.16.0, is presently turning out to all players on both Android and iOS gadgets. The update will require an extra 0.6GB space on your gadget, which implies you have to have some extra space in your gadget stockpiling.

PUBG Mobile

The 0.16.0 update has been in the publicity for half a month, with the greatest idea being the new RageGear mode. Recently known as the Death Race mode, the RageGear mode carries the vehicular fight to PUBG in a great vehicle race design. Aside from that, you can likewise get the opportunity to appreciate snow in Classic Mode matches facilitated in Erangel. You will likewise get the opportunity to see two or brief increases to the game with this update.

So let’s talk about this new feature. PUBG wants to keep its users and hence they have added many other features in this new update.

PUBG Mobile New Update Feature

LAUNCH DATE23 March 2017


1. RageGear Mode: The RageGear mode, already referred to as the Death Race mode, has been in the dialogues for some time and now, it has ended for the last time. RageGear mode propels players to use endurance vehicles. Players will be assigned to a two-player group as either drivers or shooters and must shoot opponents to achieve success. In either case, there are two modes under RageGear Mode.
Rules In RageGear Mode: RageGear TDM mode will let players destroy enemy vehicles and get 1 point for knockdown every vehicle. The group completing the objective mode will win. RageGear pickup mode allows groups to assemble the box and do so works on all measures of victory.

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2. Snow Paradise in Erangel: The Erangel guide will include the Snow Paradise area, under classic mode coordinates. This new area will be secured with plains mountains and players can ride on link vehicles to reach the peaks. They can evaluate free-form snowboarding in a cold area. While snowboarding, you can wipe out your enemies in a similar way.
3.TPP-FPP switching: This is another feature that enables players to switch between first-person mode and Third-person Mode while playing. After that, you can coordinate in any classic, arcade and training ground, and change the scene from first-person to third-person and the other way during play.
Apart from these specific enhancements, the game gets minor upgrades elsewhere. Players will now be able to load-out their weapons in EvoGround matches. Classic mode matches consist of continuous recruiting which helps players to progress further in the match. The game likewise exposes the play again with the demand for sending a partner after a match.

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