How To Setup OBS STUDIO?

Hello friends, In this post, we are going to know How To Setup OBS STUDIO, the Open Broadcasting software. In this Software, you will officially go live on youtube and twitch. If you are a beginner you can learn easily by following these easy steps.

Setup OBS step-by-step


Step-1: Open the Chrome browser and visit the OBSPROJECT.COM.

Step-2: Download this Software.

Step-3: Install this Software.

Step-4: Open youtube studio and get the Stream Key.

Step-5: Open OBS Studio.

Step-5: Now, go to setting on the bottom of the right screen.

Step-6: Click on the STREAM icon.

Step-7: Paste the YouTube Stream key on stream key session.

Now you are ready to stream on youtube in just one click.

OBS Studio Full Beginner Guide


1. Run the auto-configuration wizard

When you load OBS Studio just because you should see the Auto-Configuration Wizard. If you are new to OBS or just need to start as fast as would be prudent, pursue a means of getting great starting settings for your system. In the event that you inspect the original OBS Studio window, you can find the Auto-Configure Wizard in the Tools menu at the top. This wizard will consequently test your framework and try to find the settings that deal with your PC. This includes spilling or recording, rounding, bitrate, encoder, gushing suppliers and this is just the beginning. You can usually physically change the settings later.

2. Set up your audio devices

Certainly, OBS Studio is ready to let your framework hold the default work area sound gadget and amplifier. You can confirm this by taking a gander at the volume meter in the Blender area of ​​the basic OBS Studio window, and checking if they are dynamic. On the off chance that they are not moving, or you think an inappropriate gadget is being caught, click Settings -> Audio and physically select the gadget.
For macOS users: If you are on macOS, you will need an additional application to capture the work area sound. This is due to imprisonment in macOS which does not give immediate hold strategy for work area gadgets.

3. Add your sources for video

Next, you will see that the sea is a dark screen. OBS does not capture any video naturally. To start catching, you must include a source. At the base of the window is a crate called ‘Source’. Snap-on + (or right-click inside the case) and select the source you need. As a couple of models, Capture the Game In case you’re holding a game, choose a video capture device for a window or webcam for a non-game application.
Workstation Client: Here are our testing guides if your game/window/show catch sources still show a dark screen. Sources and visuals are the bread and butter of OBS Studio and can be very earthy. Snap here to discuss them fast.

4. Test your stream and record settings

Twofold watch that every one of your settings is the manner by which you need them in Settings – > Output. At that point, simply hit Start Recording or Start Streaming. We firmly energize running a test for a couple of moments to ensure that there are no issues, as opposed to simply hopping into your first stream or recording. On the off chance that you run into any issues or need further help, take a look at our assistance entrance.

When you’re fulfilled, you can go on to making the incredible substance. It’s just as simple as that!
In the event that you need to peruse a more top to bottom guide about the intensity of OBS Studio, visit OBS GUIDE.

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