Bomb Squad Mod APK Latest Version

Bomb squad mod APK is a popularly diagnosed game. So, the player or a couple of gamers are to genuinely do away with the other party, and hurling bombs at them so as to win. Although it sounds manner too simple. But, it calls for the correct calculation of the distances, guidelines in addition to the speed with which the opponent is gambling the game.

What Is Bomb Squad Mod Apk

Well, this isn’t a gameplay review, which it appears to be till now. We are here to inform you of approximate one-of-a-kind. BombSquad  Apk’s for Android is like nothing. The one with limitless tickets and fitness and share all the necessary information approximately them. The modded APK version of BombSquad lets you play the game as in step with your convenience. This medium is, therefore, more preferred over the basic version of the sport and also You can download the Bomb squad cracked APK, that’s the pre-modded version of the game from here.


RELEASE DATE10 March 2014
PUBLISHEREric Froemling


Some Screenshots


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Features of the Game/ Gameplay

These are some special features of Bomb Squad Mod Apk.


Just like one of the core functions of any other application, the clean to play the game so employ this app is likewise its’ basic function. Since there’s a wide variety of humans who can not be known as ardent game enthusiasts or gamers with minimal technical know-how for playing any such game, the bomb squad Hack apk really delivers upon the user interface. Thereby, making it available for the customers at large.


Having this function lets in the customers to make a selection for the battleground so, according to their very own convenience, they can play. The app similarly, lets in one to generate or produce characters and accordance with their own personality.

Free of value unlimited tickets

When gambling the sport, customers have the opportunity to avail loose of price unlimited tickets that, offer a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Because It may be utilized to purchase anything so one can achieve an advantage over the others.


Equipped with android TV connectivity so, it allows the customers to entertain themselves by way of having an opportunity to play on the massive screen. Hence, having a grand gaming experience.

Availability of unique modes

As a large number of modes are made available for the users to play, it makes the sport further exciting for the gamers.

Connectivity to on line servers

The game similarly features connectivity to online servers which means that multiple customers can avail of the danger of gambling the enchanting consultation of the gameplay. This function makes up to 8 gamers to compete at a time. In addition, the game also allows offline playing towards the competitor.

Allows to play via personal hotspot

Where the connectivity of the net isn’t good, using the private hotspot is also considered one of its features that makes the sport continued.

Mod Version of the Game

While playing the game, look because there are more than one of its sorts as below;

Limitless health mod

This mod permits gamers to take advantage of pleasing oneself unlimited health within the game so, you can imagine at the end of death. and the sport when you’re closer to the victory? Of course, the use of this form of the mod will act as invincibility beckoning one.

Unlimited bomb mod

With regards to the accessibility of the limitless bombs so, customers can take maximum benefit of not going for walks out of the ammo. so, the benefit might be observed by continually having the threshold over the competitor participant and despite the game mode the user is gambling into.

No tickets mod

While playing Bomb Squad Mod APK, the player would without a doubt require the tickets and with the intention to liberate the characters as well as new battlefields. This is for the reason of buying bombs, restoring health and loads more. because of the use of this mod, the supply of unlimited tickets. Permits the consumer to make full use of the game features.

All characters unlocked

Having the supply of this mod so, A consumer may be able to gift down all of the characters to be had within the game. In order to feature a customized contact with the sport, so the person can in addition tailor and create the characters in keeping with their choices.

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Installation Procedure

Click on the link and Download Bomb Squad Mod apk.

Uninstall any BombSquad associated packages like BombSquad Remote or BombSquad Game.

Clear any leftover documents by SD Maid Pro.

(Recommended) Locate the Bomb Squad pro apk record on your downloads directory.

Give permission to unknown sources and install the App.

Final Words

Mod APK model of the sport cuts down and the waiting time to different issue ranges in the sport. It has quite a few unlocked features but, which might be available right at the start of the sport so, This facilitates the person to have outstanding gaming experience. Unlimited tickets and coins give you a facet over other players. Hence, the user ought to go for the cracked version of the game instead of the primary one.

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