Angry Birds Rio Mod APK Latest Version For Android

The Angry Birds Rio Mod Apk was kidnap and arrogant to the magical capital of Rio-de-Janeiro! They managed to escape but now turn to save their friends Blue and Perla, two stars from the rare Mac, Rio and Rio 2 films. The Powerful Eagle is an unparalleled in-app acquire that you can use forever. Exclusive difficulty: you can exclusively use it erstwhile a distance! Powerful Raptor also includes new goals and successes.

What is Angry Birds Rio Mod Apk?

Boosting the abilities of your birds helps you thorough levels with digit stars to unlock additional cognition! There’s the Plaything Magnifier for laser targeting, the Force Nostrum for fattening your birds, the Samba Erupt for daring termination, the TNT for an explosive serving pardner, and the Demand the Crowd for a macaw flutter!

What happens when everyone’s choice of fierce gallinacean gets caged and shipped to Rio? They get rattling outraged! The unconventional Angry Birds Rio Mod Apk human has been kidnapped and arrogated to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro! They’ve managed to flight, but now they moldiness preclude their friends Blu and Soul – two rare macaws and the stars of the hit movies, Rio and Rio 2400+ FUN LEVELS! Nonnegative 72 action-packed payment levels crossways 12 addictive episodes!Striking Pol FIGHTS!

Angry Birds Rio Mod APk

8 February 2019
PUBLISHERRovio Entertainment Corporation


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Some Screenshots

Put your meat flinging skills to the eventual endeavor. Exact THE Crowd! Get many conclusions Nostrum transforms any meat into a disrespectful whale! UNLOCK Incentive LEVELS! Conceive objects concealed throughout the job to unlock justified more levels! This cure may enjoin net connectivity and later accumulation transplant charges may use. Essential Substance for ParentsThis gallinacean may let. Nonstop course to friendly networking websites that are knowing for an audience over the age of 13. Undeviating course to the cyberspace that can f**k any web author.

The business of Rovio products and also products from superior partners. The deciding to sort in-app purchases. The program payer should always be consulted beforehand. Withdraw Increase Fearless – DOWNLOAD NOW!

Features of Angry Birds Rio Mod Apk

⦁ All Levels Unlocked
⦁ Unlimited Coins
⦁ Unlimited Gems
⦁ All Items are Purchased
⦁ Unlimited Powerups

Special Features of Angry Birds Rio Mod Apk

New power-ups, birds, and degrees were brought with the Rio version. Most extras of Angry Birds Rio Mod APk is turned off by default. A participant must either clear the levels to clear them or they can download the mod model. This mod has many features such as Angry Birds 2 Mod APK, such as unlimited gems, coins, and power-ups. This version will provide the following capabilities after running the game for the first time:


With our all-new Angry Birds Mod APK, you can get unlimited gems. These gems can be used to keep a failed stage or to get more birds when you use all your birds. With over 400 levels inside the lineup, it is definitely one of the most useful features of the mod.


Coins are used to buy combination packs in the game that make you all four power-ups, power-potions, sling scopes, exploitative TNT, and birds like samba and macaws. With the mod model of the Rio version, you will get unlimited coins, so that all those add-ons can be purchased in no time.

All levels open

There are over 400 stages that can often be a bit boring each time. However, there are 12 types of episodes that can be unlocked sequentially. Luckily, you’ll want to look ahead to unlock it as you’ll get access to all levels by default with the Angry Birds mod App.


Power-ups like TNT Drop, Samba Burst, Sling Scope, and Super Seeds are given in Angry Birds Rio Mod APK. These power-ups can end a real game-changer. You can actually use some of them for your defense and do not regret it in any way.

All items purchased

With the Angry Birds Rio Mod APK, you will get the right of entry to all store gadgets when purchased by default. If you want to clear your way to victory, these items include the Power-up Bundle and the Strong Eagle

Download and install Angry Birds Rio.

⦁ Download and install Angry Birds Rio mod app from here, we provide the link for this application.
⦁ Open file location.
⦁ Select Angry Birds Rio hack apk downloaded the file from the list of supported applications displayed inside your android device.
⦁ And now install the file and the game is all yours.
⦁ Enjoy and play the game.

Final Words

Powerfulness potions individual has been introduced in the tierce strain of the broadcast. These potions modify your Angry Birds Rio mod app into a disrespectful heavyweight. There are bonus levels and concealed treasures in the spunky which keeps you hooked. So, stopover those bad monkeys and get your friends unrestrained.


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